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Lots listings March 11, 2015  


Taboga village Hillside Lot panoramic Ocean view

List t107    

Sell  $23.450 reduced

Photo above

lot hill side ocean view

Property description

The is a view lot located on the top road above the village near other developed property and some expensive homes.  

The ideal structure to build is three levels.  the first level can be a basement with a view to the ocean and closed on three sides.  The second level would have a garage with a door for entry from the road, kitchen, entry hall, living room,dinning area, and ocean view deck and a half bath. the third level can have 3 bedrooms 2 bath rooms and ocean view deck for each bed room.  The small front yard can have a fountain grass and flowers next to the entry walk and paved driveway.

Have a real unique flat roof with a sun cabania, BBQ, small pool, and roof garden. all with a 360 degree view of the island, ocean, village. Water storage on this level as well or below in tanks

Assume a 120 MS2 per level the 3 level house is 360 ms2 at $1,000 SM2 cost $360,000 plus land $27,000  total $387,000 for a large modern unique home.

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