Taboga is a unique place to live in Paridise only 30 minutes from Panama City

Taboga living provides a new life style

Advantages of Taboga island

  • No city noise, traffic, congestion, fumes, and need to own a car and all associated cost: fuel, maintenance, insurance, depreciation, space for storage.  No need to own a boat and the cost associated with ownership.
  • Fast ferry service 7 days a week with same day return for shopping takes only 25 minutes each way.  You can not drive into city during rush hour from any direction less than 45 minutes.   Ferry service cost  $12  round trip and a Panama taxi cab cost $8 to $10 per hour.  Two weeks of shopping can can be done twice per month.  Shopping cost per month less than $120 which includes lunch.
  • No stress and very friendly people with affordable help to do anything you need to clean and maintain your property.
  • Very low cost for water, gas, electricity (discount  for senior)  new filter plant in full operation
  • All modern communications, phones, cell phones, internet, TV,
  • Health care provided at very low cost including emergency for all residence including ex pats.  The Hospital is in Panama city.
  • Very low taxes.  Most homes on Taboga have no taxes, All homes are owned with out any mortgages.
  • Many ex pats living on island with a community of 900 Tobagos
  • Great beach and year round safe warm ocean swimming water sports and fishing.
  • Year round Island events, places to dine, hotels, fiestas
  • Small comunity and safe living close to nature
  • Own a boat you have low or no anchorage fees
  • Fisherman can fish 7 days a week on your own boat and be close to great fishing areas
  • You live close to nature in a small village, not a gated community with a community center.
  • Own a dog and walk them on the beach
  • Have a garden, flowers, fresh vegetables
  • Birds to view all year
  • Expats for you to become part of a great community
  • Better health with no stress and clean air with a sea breeze
  • Ocean and Island views constanitly change each hour


  • No theaters, Need a large screen SAT recption
  • Less selection of food services, restraunts, Bars
  • Small stores for food items (small items and high price)
  • Need to plan and shop in Panama city day trip
  • No compulsive shopping   
  • No tennis court, bar night life, sports events, casinos, golf course, gym, barber, drug store, etc.
  • No trafic  or need to own a car just select a bicycle or golf cart, or just walk
  • Shopping is a planned event and a possible overnight Panama hotel stay.
  • Your Family wishes to visit you often 
  • Dry season has water shortage and requires conservation.
  • Taboga Fiestas have lots of fireworks and noise
  • No street corner lights and crossings, the roads are the sidewalks in the Village.

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Lodge at

while viewing Taboga realestate.  A special discount is provided to real estate buyers and a bottle of wine to enjoy the stay.

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Taboga information and tours provide an excellent way to learn about Taboga island and its extensive history from 1523.  

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View Taboga images and see the entire island beauty.

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