Sell  $450,000  Sold
List t101
Hillside Home Ocean View

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Property for : Sale

Price:  $450,000

Property size: 1143 M2

Year built: 2007

Master Bedroom: 18.35

Bed room:  3

Bath room:  3

Dining room:  yes

living room:  yes

Kitchen: Yes  17.25 M2

Laundry room: Yes

Maids quarter:  

Guest house:   Yes 20.60M2

Multi-purpose room:

Garage /Car Park:  yes open

Pool: yes  35 M2

Patio / Deck:  Yes
Lower Terrerce: yes 90M2

Property description

Home style  Rustic elegance
Home was built in 2007
3 BR  3 Baths 2 level house 188M Sq

The guest house 34M2 has a bathroom, kitchen, covered terrace and can serve as a maid quarters.

Taxes on property are about 17 years of the 20 year property tax exoneration no taxes on construction only on the lot. with a current value of over $100,000 and current taxes are $100 per year on land only.

The lot is one of the largest on Taboga 1143 M2 is terraced and landscaped with abundant tropical flowers and 4 kinds of banana trees, lemon and mango trees.  The lot has an upper and lower entrance walled on all sides and is very private and secure.  The upper double entrance permits a ATV passage.  Adjacent homes in the area are of good quality.

The homes upper floor contains the living room, sitting area, kitchen, upper storage area, master bedroom plus deck and with a bathroom and inside/outside shower.

The home style (rustic elegance) was featured Panama Magazine and Fashion Life magazine in January 2010.  Photos can be viewed on

The roof structure is framed with manglar timber and  used hand made clay tiles over 100 year old and shipped in from the interior.

The fresh water system is pressurized with tank storage capacity of 8000 gallons

the home living area faces east with a panoramic view of the Taboga bay and ships waiting to transit the Panama canal and  has storm curtain protecting from eastern rain clouds.

The lower 90 M2 size terrace has a 35 M2 pool and has tiled natural rock shower.

All house hold appliances and furniture are sold with the house and includes a moorings for a 55 ton yacht.

Important Note: The replacement cost of this property in todays market is over $550,000 not including; appliances, furniture, and eight or more months of construction.  Also, the owner must be on the island to supervise the entire construction during this period to control; material, cost and quality.

Ted Pollard 507 250 2068  Skype

Sell  $250,000  Reduced
List t102
Hillside Home  Ocean view

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La Choza for sale & Rental


per night


minimum day


month lease

persons per unit

Pay deposit in

Check in time

check out time


  • extra bed
  • bedrooms
  • internet,
  • wifi,
  • TV 32”
  • computer
  • scanner
  • Ceiling fans
  • AC 
  • Maid
  • kitchen
  • Desk
  • Hair drier
  • Pool
  • Deck
  • Beach
  • Transport
  • Children
  • Pets
  • Smoking
  • Cooking

$225 PN  2

2 nights

1,500 per week

2,500 per month

2 plus
5 persons 2 BR50% bank dep

9:00 AM 

3:00 Pm

  • Day bed
  • 2
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • sky sat
  • Yes
  • yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Exterior
  • Yes

Property Features

Charming Tuscan/Mediterranean-style house

gardens, fountain, sea view, private patio, outside shower, artistic painted finishes, romantic, quiet get away, high ceiling.

Bedroom/bathrooms, living room, two covered terraces with spectacular ocean views ,Barbecue, and laundry facility

Sell  $23,950 Reduced
List t103
Hillside Lot Ocean view

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Land only purchase

Property description

The is a view lot located on the top road above the village near other developed property and some expensive homes.  

The ideal structure to build is three levels.  the first level can be a basement with a view to the ocean and closed on three sides.  The second level would have a garage with a door for entry from the road, kitchen, entry hall, living room,dinning area, and ocean view deck and a half bath. the third level can have 3 bedrooms 2 bath rooms and ocean view deck for each bed room.  The small front yard can have a fountain grass and flowers next to the entry walk and paved driveway.

Have a real unique flat roof with a sun cabania, BBQ, small pool, and roof garden. all with a 360 degree view of the island, ocean, village. Water storage on this level as well or below in tanks

Assume a 120 MS2 per level the 3 level house is 360 ms2 at $1,000 SM2 cost $360,000 plus land $27,000  total $387,000 for a large modern unique home.

We can plan and build your home
on Taboga